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AU Level 2 Portable EV Charger CEE Plug v1

"Good mobile wallbox at a fair price" Oliver R. 1/1/2024

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  • 【No Installation Required】 connect to 5PIN socket. Simple and cost-effective.   Works as a stationary wallbox at home or work and as a portable charger on the go.
  • 【7kw Power】comes with 5 pin 32A single phase plug, ~2X faster charging rate than the 15A charger. Cut your charging hours by half.
  • 【22kW Power】comes with 5 pin 32A three phase plug, ~9X faster charging rate than a typical mode charger.
  • 【Display Screen】Real-time charging information
  • 【7m Long】extend your reach. No more struggling in parking the way you want
  • 【+Bonus Items】 waterproof bag, carrying strap, microfiber cloth included. A splash-proof bag for storing your cable in the boot/boot. Compact and foldable design that does not take up too much space, additional support ensures that it is not thrown around in the truck. A carrying strap for cable management, carrying around or hanging on the wall. A cleaning bag in the case and a waterproof bag for use in the rain.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Compatible with most vehicles with Type 2 connector such as Model 3, Model Y, BYD, MG4, Atto3, MG ZS EV, EV6, ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, Q4, e-tron, i3, i4, A4, A7, EQA EQB Hybrid and other BEV/PHEV.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Works without a hitch

My 10m version also included an adapter cable to a safety plug. Everything in a high-quality bag so you can take it with you to the store.
The device has a pre-start time of up to 5 hours (e.g. charging starts in 5 hours).
However, you cannot determine the charging time.
When plugged in, the LEDs are still on even after charging is complete. I find this impractical because you have to unplug every time you charge.

Good product

This charging station for e-cars is simple and understandable, it does exactly what it should.

Rolf Wuehrl
Better than the original

Plug it in, it's ready, go. This is what a product should be like. Better than any wallbox with an app or Internet. Garages

(underground car parks) often have no network.

Robert Neumeister
Top product

Delivery is quick. Works perfectly.

Richard Dobler
pricing policy

Works flawlessly so far, power consumption indicator and electricity meter are no big discrepancy. Ampere setting set once and just plug it in next time. It's just a shame that the 220 volt adapter is included once and not another time.

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