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AU Type 2 Charging Cable

"Great packaging, nice cover, nice microfiber that will be used for the screen on the Tesla M3. Cable smaller in outer diameter than the original Tesla one (certainly the outer insulation is less thick). So lighter. More flexible and therefore practical. Velcro strap for attaching and carrying" -Den 11/20/2023

Regular price $155.00

Color: Black
  • 【Charing Rate】7kW gives 42 km/hr, 11kW gives 65 km/hr, and 22 kW gives 130 km/hr. The maximum charging rate is determined by the lowest of the three factors: charger, charging cable and in-car charger. We recommend that you check which one is best portable EV charger for your fit before making a purchase.
  • 【7kW/11kW/22kW? 】Most BEV car chargers are rated at 11kW/7kW. Buy a 22kw cable, which can be used in 32A/1Phase, 16/3Phase. Catering to all charging stations, buying a 22kW cable is a better investment for the future
  • 【Reliable Quality】CE certified portable EV charger cable, waterproof – IP55. Made of high quality TPU material, durable and flexible, both cases have rubber stoppers. Strong sealing is effective against rain and water.
  • 【Carry Bag and Cable Strap Included】A foldable bag to store your cable in the trunk. Compact and foldable design, does not take up too much space. The non-slip bottom ensures that it does not move easily during driving. A carrying strap for cable management, transportation or hanging on the wall. A cleaning cloth keeps the cable clean.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Compatible with most vehicles with all type 2 connector such as BYD Atto 3,MG 4,Tesla Model Y,Model 3, Kia,Volvo,Cupra Born,Polestar and so on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
good charging cable

Neatly packaged in the included bag (with anti-slip bottom).
The protective caps fit very well, everything makes a high-quality impression.

Tobias T.
Good robust cable in the VW ID.3

Today I'm writing a review about the type 2 charging cable 22KW - 5M, from the manufacturer??deAccessories that I received from Amazon. I am completely free in my assessment and neither the provider nor Amazon have any influence on this.

I use the cable as a cable for the wallbox, the length of five meters is enough to be used forwards or backwards with the VW ID.3 standing in the garage, which I personally find important.
The plugs look high-quality and slide easily into the connections.

I find the cable design to be very high quality and practical, if it is on the floor very often and is pulled back and forth there, I have not noticed any abrasions outside of normal signs of use so far.

The technical parameters, 3-phase with 32 AMP and 22 KW charging current, are powerful and up to date. It is also jet water resistant with IP 54, so it can also be used in rain or weatherproof.
The cable can be used for many current e-car models, I use it on the VW ID.3. A handy carrying bag is also included to store the cable in the trunk even if you get wet without sowing it in. A microfiber cloth is also in the bag, especially when it has rained, it is never wrong to dry the plugs a bit.

Le denicheur
Good quality cable with a fair price

A powerful, CE certified charging cable to recharge your hybrid or electric car.

It comes with a bag for easy transport and storage.

The cable is solid but quite flexible, so it is easy to roll up for storage and put back in your bag.

I chose this one for its length of 5 meters which I think is sufficient because under 5 meters in length, I think it is too fair.

The cable is type 2, it has a maximum power of 22 kw and 32 A/3 phases.
It offers optimal charging speed.

The sockets have removable rubber caps to protect them from dust and dirt and I find that practical.

It can be used in extreme weather conditions of - 35?~+50 and it is IP 54.

The cable is suitable for electric vehicles and PHEVs and is compatible with many vehicles.

I find the storage and transport bag very practical.

I am very satisfied with this charging cable and I find the value for money very good.

Silvia S.
Cheap and good

The 11KW type 2 charging cable was well packaged and delivered on time. The package includes the approx. 5 m long Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable, a practical storage bag, a shoulder strap and a multilingual quick guide. However, the CE declaration of conformity required in the EU was missing and unfortunately there is no electrical information on the end of the cable either.
The storage bag, charging cable and shoulder strap are well made. The cable looks very robust and the cover caps protect the cable ends well from moisture and dirt.

The three-phase type 2 charging cable works very well on our 11KW wallbox. If we plug in our VW ID-4 or ZOE overnight with an almost empty battery, they are fully charged again the next day with this charging cable. Our 22 kW charging cable, which is almost twice as expensive, doesn't do that any faster. We have never used this cable at public charging stations before. The cable length of 5 m is ideal for charging our vehicle when the wallbox is on the other side of the vehicle.

We are very satisfied with the charging cable and can recommend it for the current price of 135, - . You can't go wrong with this 11 kW charging cable. An even more powerful charging cable only makes sense if you also have a fast-charging e-vehicle and a large wallbox.

Does what it's supposed to

A charging cable from ABL, which is more than twice as expensive, has given up its ghost after exactly 27 months and 30 charges. In the tradition of carpet retailers, ABL invokes warranty periods and has never heard of goodwill.
That's why the cheaper, one meter longer and significantly more flexible cable from de.
Does what it should and is much easier to fix to the wallbox cable holder than the ABL scrap cable.
Recommended purchase.

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